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Legacy Premium Food Storage
Legacy Premium
Mountain House Food Storage
Mountain House
Emergency Essentials Food Storage
Emergency Essentials
Trive Life Food Storage
Wise Food Storage
Wise Food Storage
Lindon Farms Food Storage
Lindon Farms
Food Insurance Food Storage
Food Insurance
Daily Bread Food Storage
Augason Farms Food Storage
Augason Farms
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Purpose of our Rankings

Food storage comes in a wide variety of brands, types, quality and packaging. With all of these available options, it is incredibly difficult to determine what product will be the best value and fit for your family’s needs.

At Wesson Research, our purpose is to give a quick, fair, accurate, and easy to understand comparison of the top food storage brands. We have read the claims, dug through the ingredient lists, pored over nutritional facts, navigated the websites, talked to the customer service agents and, most importantly, tasted the food. We have done the research on purchasing food storage so that you don’t have too!


How did you rate them?

Our rating system is based on the features that 95% of food storage consumers say they are the most concerned with: Price, Quality, and Taste.

To compare Price and Quality, we looked at the actual value of the food provided, which can be found in the calories and weight of nutritious food in each package. Items like drinks, desserts, and white rice provide little nutritious value and were considered of lower value. The second part of determining the best value was a comparison in the quality of packaging, shipping, and overall appeal of the product. For example, some companies’ packaging process consists of nitrogen flushing and using oxygen absorbers for double protection, thus garnering them a higher rating.

Our final main consideration was Taste, which may also be the most important. In taste comparisons, each different company was rated based on consistency, flavoring, and overall desirability of the meals provided. And while taste is subjective to opinion, we did several tests with adults and children to achieve the fairest and most accurate results possible. After considering these and other listed features, we compiled our reviews into a consolidated “Overall Rating” to provide you with the best food storage options available.

If this comparison chart was done based upon brand awareness or total volume of sales, it would be have much different results. We did not rate the companies based upon brand awareness or show any favoritism to the well known or more established brands. Our ratings were done on an independent basis with the consumer in mind. We have even listed the best place to purchase each brand above so that you can get the best deal possible.


What is considered a serving?

When reviewing we noticed a serving means something different to every company. Some companies focus on each serving consisting of an entree meal and other companies focus on including drinks, sides, and desserts to offer more variety. It is important to get the most out of your money, so we recommend asking or researching what is a serving for the company you are purchasing with. You will be surprised at how different each company is when it comes to servings. We recommend finding companies that offer full entree meals as your servings to get the most nutrients and most for your money.



Did you do independent lab tests? No, we gathered whatever information the food storage companies were willing to offer from conferring directly with customer support, company websites, and sales associates.

Did you evaluate all the companies in the food storage industry? No, we focused only on top-selling brands because companies like Mountain House and Wise Company have many strong resellers. Several other brands were tasted and reviewed, but didn’t make the top ten. After our thorough review process, our opinion is that these are the top ten food storage brands at this time.

Is this review strictly related to food storage or does it cover emergency products in general? This review only involves food storage.

Will you be changing your reviews in the future? Yes, periodically we will update our reviews to include new product testing while continuing to evaluate existing ones. Our goal is to make sure that everyone can be prepared with an emergency food supply as simply as possible.


3 Important Tips to Consider Before Ordering

When we first started our research we were immediately attracted to companies who offered the lowest cost per serving. We quickly discovered that individual serving sizes varied widely from company to company, making this comparison meaningless. We found servings that ranged from 1/3 cup up to 1½ cups, and from 150 calories up to 500 calories. This means that one company’s serving was actually triple the size of another’s.

Two better measures to use are a cost per pound comparison (similar to shopping at a grocery store) and a cost per calorie comparison. These two measurements tell you how much food you will get and at what price.

To determine the best value we strongly suggest you purchase a package based on overall cost per pound and not on the number of servings provided.

The common recommendation for an adult is about 2,000 calories per day but it depends on each individual’s needs. When we called different companies most of the salespeople were quick to quote us their version of a 3- or 6-month supply; these quotes are typically based on three-a-day servings. However, further research revealed that most of these packages only provided 600 calories per day. This is a simple but misleading way to calculate food needs.

First, determine how many calories you and your family would need each day and decide the length of time for which you want to be prepared. Next, find the package that will provide adequate calories for your family’s needs.

Beware of packages that advertise certain lengths of time because these can be misleading; Find out how many calories are included to accurately determine how long it truly will last for your family.

Companies are limited in what they can show you on their websites because there isn’t enough space to provide all the information you need to make an educated decision. Often the information you need for a fair comparison is either hidden in obscure locations on the site or not available. By calling the company you can get answers to your specific questions; however, be wary of commission-based sales personnel; they may have additional motivation to close the sale.

For the most part, these customer service representatives want to help you get the best products for your individual needs. For example, when we called a reseller of Legacy Food Storage, their customer service agent offered to customize our order for us. This was something that was not advertised on their website.

Overall, we found most of the customer service representatives to be very helpful. If you are not fond of high pressure sales tactics we recommend sticking with the top 4 ranked companies listed, since there was no pressure to purchase from them.

Each company is happy to provide you with more information; in some cases they will even cater to your specific needs and provide options not available on their site.

  1. To get the best value, shop like you would at a grocery store by comparing cost per weight rather than cost per serving.
  2. Determine your family’s food storage needs based on calories, not servings, and make certain your supply will actually last for as long as you have planned.
  3. Call the company for specific information and options not available on their website; almost all companies are happy to help you find exactly what you want.

Food Storage Ranking

Legacy Food Storage

Mountain House

Emergency Essentials

Trive Life


Wise Company

Augson Farms

Food Insurance

Daily Bread

Lindon Farms