Thousands of people use Wesson Research for a quick answer to the all important question, “What products should I buy?”

Wesson Research provides the quick and simple answers: No more weighing through long and complicated review sites. No more scrolling through page after page of companies’ websites trying to determine the good, bad, and the ugly about each companies’ products. Wesson Research has done the review work for you buy purchasing and testing products from each company listed on our review pages.  We try and find at least 10 products in each category to give you are wide range of options.  We are unbiased and will also show you the best place to buy each product.  

We do try and get affiliate relationships with every company that we review, this helps us to pay for the products we purchase and buy some ad space online.  If a company does not have an affiliate program or declines our application, we typically will send traffic to as the best place for a customer to buy that particular product.  Some companies do not like where we rank their products and have asked us to increase their positions in order for us to join their program, but we do not play those types of games. 

We’ve Got Big Plans: We are self-funded, have grand visions of great things to come, and enjoy climbing the ladder into the spotlight. Developed by people with a wide range in education and experience, we give product insight people want. We have plans to roll out reviews in several different industries, all focusing on products that we want or need to have.  Please contact us with suggestions for product lines for us to review.

Small but Broad: Even though there are only a handful of us, we can do what many cannot. We love hard work. We get stuff done. We also love buying cool products that we get to put through our own series of tests.  

Finally: We love Texas. We love the attitude and passion of the Lone Star State.